Lounge Bar

Sit back amid the luxurious surroundings of our Lounge Bar decorated in deep reds and rich woods. Admire the 25 feet long mural of India’s famous landmark The Red Fort, or relax to the calming sound of the 15 feet high water wall. With an extensive range of drinks available you’ll want to take your time before going through to the dining hall, or simply chill out with an after dinner drink.

Cocktail Menu


N.B. Prices and range may vary from time of printing this menu

Selection of drinks available

  • Wine list featuring Champagnes, Wines, Spirits and Cocktails
  • Draught beers: Cobra, Carlsberg, Export, Tetleys, Guiness and Strongbow Cider
  • Bottled beers: King Cobra, Stella, Budwieser, Corona and Holsten Pils
  • Soft drinks: Hildens Waters, Coke, Appletisser, Ginger Ale and All Whites Lemonade
  • Juices: Tomato, Pineapple, Mango and the J2O range
  • Others include WKD, Bacardi Breezers and Archers
  • A selection of teas including Indian Masala, Yorkshire and fruit teas
  • Freshly ground coffee made to your requirements

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